Local retailers are faced with limited advertising budgets. Small local newspapers have limited penetration, virtually no shelf life and are therefore ineffective. Radio and TV advertising, as well as major newspapers, are usually very expensive, and are very inefficient for local retailers. Valuable advertising dollars are wasted reaching markets outside their specific geographic customer base.

Phoenix Publications & Advertising, Inc. provides the best advertising results and value to meet local retailers specific needs. As a direct mailer, Phoenix magazines saturates a focused local customer base, has an extended shelf life, and maintains an upscale image not generally associated with coupon and display advertising vehicles. Local retailers receive a maximum measurable response, reinforcing the effectiveness of Phoenix Publications & Advertising.

The vast majority of Phoenix advertisers are local retailers and service providers seeking an affordable advertising vehicle able to produce results in their particular local market. Because of the high quality appearance of 70# glossy paper and quality graphics provided by our art department, our publications attract professional and other upscale image advertisers who were previously reluctant to advertise in so called "coupon mailers". Virtually every business is a potential Phoenix advertiser!

Phoenix magazines out distances the competition. By combining great offers with outstanding visual quality, our publications promote significant reason for people to read through our magazine. If an advertisement isn't seen it won't be used. We increase the likelihood that every ad will be seen by more readers than other advertising outlets. Quality is the hallmark of Phoenix Publications & Advertising, Inc.

We are committed to YOUR SUCCESS!